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My Focus - AQMA5
Bringing together the A2 Community (Greenstreet)
shared between Teynham and Lynsted with Kingsdown Parishes.
To understand the evidenc
e of the harm we are suffering.


Thursday 2nd June - The Black Lion Friday 3rd June - Lynsted Church

5pm: Hog Roast and Bands

9.45: Lighting of Jubilee Beacon

2-4pm: Coronation Film & Local HIstory. Tea, coffee, cakes

7pm: Quiz. £35 per table (up to 8), BYO food and drinks.
To book, contact

Sat 4th June - Lynsted & Norton Primary School Sunday 5th June - Lynsted Church

1-4pm: Picnic, fun and games for all the family

Bar, Tea Tent, Cakes, Face Painting, Arts & Crafts, Creepy Crawlies.

Stalls £7
To book, contact

10.30am: Pentecost and Jubilee family service.
All Welcome

Village Green opposite The Black Lion

1pm: Street Party. BYO picnic, chairs, tables.

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Swale Borough Council's secretive attempt to force us to accept 1,400 homes around Teynham/Greenstreet/Lynsted with Kingsdown side of the A2.


I maintain a spirit of openness that has, so far, been entirely lacking from Swale Borough Council (SBC) in both Regulation 19 and Regulation 18. In both cases, SBC has played us for mugs. They have NEVER made an effort to help residents (and voters) understand their thinking and what is at stake. SBC has tried bullying and intimidating active parish councils and residents.

A flavour of what we were facing in the Teynham Area of Opportunity that has been very secretively developed:

Aftre pressure from Residents and voters of Swale, the Council has had to peddle back to restart Reg18 later in October. SBC would have you believe that changes in NPPF are the reason for their "restart" - if that were true, they could have declared the change under Reg19 and consulted on that alone.... but they didn't because their Reg19 was fatally flawed and they know it - after being told! I can understand why they are not happy to accept that opposition has been effective.


Email: including the Planning Code Reference 19/505036/OUT

Planning Portal: this link


Bringing together information (and mapping) about traffic and pollution along and around the A2/Greenstreet.


An experiment to see if this channel helps conversations in our communities.

While we wait to see if SBC will push on with the Teynham Area of Opportunity - trying to dump homes away from all the services, jobs, shops, stations with parking and facilities - idiots. The 86 homes earmarked is quiet at the moment.

APPLICATION REF: 19/505036/OUT - PROPOSAL: Outline application for the erection of up to 86no. residential dwellings, including 50% affordable housing (Access being Sought).
ADDRESS: Land South Of London Road Teynham Kent ME9 9QJ
To view the details please visit the planning portal:

Enter -19/505036/OUT - in the bottom box..

- moving the Conversation forward -

Monitoring Device: Plume Laboratories Flow device.
Which (2019) (Consumer Association).
TED Talk (2019): 5-minutes video describing how conversations can move forward with measurements and evidence.
Evening Standard (2019) - London based.


I have decided to put my money where my mouth is by purchasing a real-time Air Quality Monitor that is compact enough to carry/wear!

The device was very favourably written-up by Which Association. I have found the Laboratory very helpful too. But, at £160 a pop, this is not for everyone. The measurements are calibrated to standards set by the World Health Organisation (WHO), USA and Europe.

This scientific instrument logs data every minute, all day and night (the usage of laser and continuously heated filament means the battery needs recharging once a day!). If the device is carried when walking, cycling or jogging, the results are automatically shown by colour-coding on a map. This is particularly revealing when you know wind direction and strength. I plan to share data and maps in a new website dedicated to the purpose (soon).

Here is an image from the "Pollution Diary" found on the Mapping on the move gives an idea of how widely pollution drifts to surrounding communities.

My measurements while jogging have shown that "High" pollution levels spread out widely, depending on wind strength and direction. This is a community-wide issue.

So, while SBC refuses to install their own continuous monitoring station to inform the AQMA5 exceedences, my measurements will have to do. A second mobile monitoring device has been bought by a friend from Kingsdown. This sescond device is particularly interesting "on the move" - including close to the M2 and M20!



Health Matters: Air Pollution (PHE Evidence)

A "Must Read" Public Health England on-line document (14th November 2018) that brings the story of pollution bang up to date - the combination of illustrations and bullet-points should be mandatory reading for all Borough and County authorities around the UK.....

This is the clearest and best illustrated official statement of the damage to our health from pollution of ALL KINDS - Nitrogen Dioxide on the one hand and, on the other hand, all the other PM2.5 particulate matter challenging us every day along the A2.

The key for me is the conclusion that there are no SAFE LIMITS for the smallest particle sizes (PM2.5 and less) and the quantity of non-Nitrogen Dioxide pollutants are growing with the growth in traffic.......


QUEUES DO NOT BUILD UP GRADUALLY. IT TAKES ONLY A SMALL INCREASE IN VEHICLES TO SUDDENLY CREATE QUEUES THAT STRETCH FURTHER WITH MORE TRAFFIC JOINING MIX. All that remains is to create or find an equally accessible illustration of how only small increases in traffic can bring more frequent queueing and longer queues that build up more intense pollution where they occur - by definition, AQMAs are where worsening queues bring the greatest harm as more developments are approved and traffic increases. See "Traffic Flows"......


My take on the issues

If you live, work, visit, travel or shop along the A2, you are facing physical harm from planned and 'opportunistic' commercial and housing developments that feed traffic of all kinds onto the A2. In Air Quality Management Areas (AQMAs) the level of traffic frequently exceeds the "service rate" for the A2 in built areas. "Service rate" equates with "capacity" - the ability of any road to cope with the ebb and flow of traffic. Adding to that flow of traffic can lead suddenly to wider and more intense congestion. With congestion comes greater density of the smallest polluting materials (gases, compounds, metals and minerals) mostly concentrated in built up areas.

The challenge facing residents, visitors and workers is worsening health conditions and more deaths - this is the finding of the latest Government guidance and the tools provided to Borough Councils throughout the UK. Swale faces significant measureable additional health and mortality costs arising from the combination of all PM2.5 particulates (in spite of reductions in Nitrogen Dioxide).

This web-site is changing to look at the different kinds of problems facing our communities from traffic and pollution that crowds in on all of us - especially along the built-up A2 and its junctions. Always open to other points of view, of course....

Click on map for larger image.

Map of major developments Approved and Proposed by Developers

The Places: Map from Faversham to Sittingbourne (click map or link for larger map) with rough indications of SBC's Approvals under the Borough Plan and places where Developers are trying to get approvals outside the Borough Plan on greenfield sites. Taken together, there can be no doubt that an already polluted environment will become more polluted and the damage is greatest whenever traffic grinds to a halt or simply slows down.

Our stretch of the A2 is NOT part of the UK Strategic Road Network (SRN) - and yet its private and commercial traffic loading grows daily and is frequently brought to a halt. Planning decisions that cumulatively add new flows of traffic can only make matters much worse. Indeed, the way things are going, we are reminded how this part of the A2 was before the M2 was built! Visit the "Traffic Flow" Page.

Particulate Matter PM2.5 - are they all the same? Not on your life!

Particulate Matter - Sizes

SBC declared our five AQMAs based on concentrations of Nitrogen Dioxide (which does fall into the PM2.5 category.......). You may have heard about "Diffusion Tubes" - their proper title is "Nitrogen Dioxide Diffusion Tubes". The Government's latest analysis confirms that NOx has been declining (it is) BUT all other harmful particles (PM2.5) are increasing with each input of new traffic sources. At times, you will hear reports focussing on 'particles' in the class of PM10 rather than PM2.5. Of course, PM2.5 is included in PM10, but focussing on this larger-sized pollutants suggests the focus should be the same for all "undifferentiated particles". But emerging evidence confirms that these smallest (PM2.5) particles and compounds are amongst the most dangerous particles (able to enter our blood and organs). Learn more about PM2.5 through this link.

Job Done? No! By focusing on NOx, SBC and developers risk minimizing the increasing threat of all other vehicle-generated PM2.5 particles - metals, minerals, organic compounds and elements released by friction (brakes, road surfaces and vehicle tyres). Not to forget the background sources of PM2.5 pollution.

Negligent? In fairness, no. It is only in recent years that the damage caused by all PM2.5 pollution has been better understood. The problem may be that SBC may be measuring the wrong things going forward in defence of our health and in deciding where to permit housing developments and industrial sites. It is important that SBC deals with this wider question of finest-particle pollution rather than think that lower NOx levels means "pollution" and harm is nearly over ..... the debate must now include the emerging evidence..

Developers argue that each of their developments make "insignificant" additions to damaging particles. Government analysis shows that, for Swale, this is simply untrue!

Each additional vehicle brings with it a host of particles so small that they pass through our bodys' defences and settle in our blood/arteries and organs. This gets worse as congestion gets worse ... and this must worsen with each additional vehicle.

Understanding PM2.5 - and why it is growing threat to our AQMAs?

Follow this link to understand what PM2.5 is, including the latest Public Health England (PHE) analysis of the increasing health dangers across Swale over the next ten years .......

The challenge for us all is that in our AQMAs, Swale Borough Council (SBC) measures Nitrogen Dioxide (NOx) but not other PM2.5 harmful particles in the same class of dangerous pollutants. This is not to say that SBC is ignoring PM2.5 - check out SBC's useful introduction to air pollution monitoring and their FAQs.

The Greenstreet Menu of Services - getting shorter by the day......

The 'Fog'

67% of all PMs come from vehicle combustion and friction (tyres, brakes, road surface)

The Home

Other important sources of pollution over time can also be found in your homes. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in aerosols for cleaning or air-freshening, scented candles; furnishings, allergens (e.g. dust mites and fungal spores), cooking.

Everything in moderation .... it is important to understand that long-term choices in the way we live can have longer-term impacts.

What you cannot do much about - concentration of roadside pollution inside our living and working spaces (many homes and businesses on the A2 face directly onto the pavement). There are air purifiers out there suitable for domestic use, but the good ones are not cheap.

There is evidence that log-burning can be very harmful (soot carbon, carbon monoxides & dioxides, organic compounds), especially if the wood is not seasoned. Also the choice of wood can have an impact.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

Another authoritative piece on the challenges facing communities currently suffering pollution concentrations at harmful levels.

This link gives you access to the latest advice being provided to local authorities from NICE. It also brings together in one place a few key pieces of current evidence.

Pollution and road safety in Lynsted with Kingsdown Parish
and Teynham Parish

KCC's Response: (dated 30th March 2018) to the 120 homes planning application has now (two months later on 26th May) been put on the Planning Portal Website! The Development Applicants saw this notice (and have tried to declare a "rebuttal" in discussion with KCC - do we believe them?) in March! So, why didn't residents? I could "interpret" this two month delay but why waste my breath (scroll down a few items to find where it has been 'slotted in') - or use this link to open and download KCC's letter.


Brickearth at Barrow Green

Want to be kept in touch as this and more recent proposals unfold? Add your name and email address to our group email circulation using (maintained by a resident on the A2) or contact the Parish Council using


These can be viewed as PDF downloads using this link. Decisions and services are made on your behalf - shouldn't you find out how you might be affected? They also need more Members - you can take an active part in promoting and protecting your Parish.

Last updated: 06-Jul-2022

On-line tracking of Planning in Swale and Maidstone

Borough Plan Approved Additions to A2 Traffic and Pollution

  1. TEYNHAM 300+Commercial Properties: 16/507689/OUT - Frognall Lane. This development will have priority at the roundabout on the A2 over all traffic on the A2 travelling west. So we will have an entirely NEW source of congestion flowing back into AQMA5!
  2. TEYNHAM 130: 18/503697/FULL - Station Road
  3. BAPCHILD 600: 14/501588/OUT - Stones Farm, Bapchild
  4. SITTINGBOURNE 540: 15/510254/OUT - Swanstree Avenue
  5. OSPRINGE 250 + 50: 14/502729/OUT - Brickworks & 17/505079/OUT - Western Link/A2
  6. FAVERSHAM 310 + 63: 15/504264/OUT - Perry Court & SW/13/1567 - Opp. Greenways
  7. BRICKEARTH from BARROW GREEN FARM - 760,000 tonnes extraction 30,000 tons per annum for 25 years.

Developer Pressure Outside the Borough Plan

  1. LYNSTED 19/505036/OUT - NEW - Deadline for Comments is 13th November
  2. LYNSTED 120: 16/506237/OUT - withdrawn
    KCC Highways and Transportation Response (dated 20th March; Posted 24th May).
  3. SITTINGBOURNE 11,250: South & East of Sittingbourne: 17/506492/ENVSCR - Possible "Garden Town".
  4. NORTON ASH 67: 14/505933/FULL - old Garden Centre Site


  1. "Bearing Fruits" Review. Download the PDF version; or go to SBC's "interactive" map (I found this difficult to use).
  2. Background documents on AQMAs.
  3. Air Quality Policies - Collection.
  4. Revised National Planning Policy Framework (2018) - What is important to us in the NPPF? Follow the 2018 NPPF Review.

  1. Lynsted Parish Council agendas and Minutes - decisions are made on your behalf. Make sure you are aware of changes, policies, decisions and services by visiting the Parish Council website regularly.....avoid any surprises.
  2. Message from your County Councillor Bowles - February 2020 NEW
  3. On-line scams, phishing, viruses, hijacking - a good site from which to learn more - getsafeonline
  4. Kent County Council guidance on Cybercrime and protecting your business.
  5. Annoying Marketing & Other Anonymous Phone Calls: Register your phone number with the Telephone Preference Scheme to avoid abusive, time-wasting or phishing telephone calls.
  6. "Greening Greenstreet" Project 2008 - for improving the identity, look and feel of Greenstreet as a place to live and enjoy. Led by John Disney.

How do I object to, support or comment on a planning application?