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WELCOME was set up in 2005 by a local volunteer to promote the use of the internet to support local voluntary and community interests in this Parish and in neighbouring communities. Since then several groups have embraced the internet and social media to created their own web-presence. We have provided links to those sites to promote those initiatives. Of course, the job is still not yet complete! This site remains an entirely voluntary project.




After 100 years (started in 1916) of recycling and earning money for the scout troop! Red tape kills recycling! Read this (PDF) note from Amanda Seymour who explains the situation and invites you to help them earn money through "PHIL THE BAG" scheme - collecting wearable cast-offs for charity. Your support will help the next generation of Scouts to continue into the next 100 years!


You can read the full Consultation Documents from 26th June onwards using this link.

Building developer's Exhibitions about plans for a large housing estate south of the A2, "off Lynsted Lane".

These Exhibitions (Teynham Community Hall and Belle Friday Centre) on 11th April, were attended by 100+ residents. Most were horrified by the proposal and fearful of the threats to health, safety, amenity value of open countryside, and creating a new community of dormatory residents who must travel elsewhere for employment (taking their buying of goods and services away from our communities and into our local towns or cities). Top of the list of worries were: safety for pedestrians along Lynsted Lane (which has no pavement nor any room to make one), crossing the A2 (both pedestrians and cars), noise and light pollution

If you live close to the A2, you should already have received their flier. However, if you missed this leaflet drop, we have provided links to all relevant papers here.

This Property Group has extensive interest across Essex and East Anglia. The Lynsted Parish development on top quality agricultural land is their first expansion into Kent - using the most profitable greenfield land. Learn more...

Pollution on A2 and estate building behind the A2 on greenfields

A2 POLLUTION and 120 (out of a possible 390 total) new homes along the south edge of the A2

Dedicated pages to help understand the threats we are all under. London Road has broken the 'safe limit' of dangerous pollution from Nitrogen dioxide - Swale has issued an Order for an Air Quality Management Area (No.5) to monitor the pollution along our section of the A2 and to think of ways to reduce traffic and other pollution. Take a look at the Swale Borough Council "Pollution Exhibition" in Teynham Library.

An Essex developer now wants to build 120 new homes on land immediately south of the A2 behind all the properties between Lynsted Lane and Claxfield. The initial development would join the A2 via Lynsted Lane (approx. 600+ daily vehicle movements a day). There is potential for a further 180 homes to completely fill the land between Lynsted Lane and Claxfield Lane - a total of 377 homes.
A sketch map of what is planned for the first stage can be seen using this link or PDF document.
You can find the Lynsted Parish Design Statement (PDF) here or on the Swale Borough Council web site under "Planning Guidance".


Want to be kept in touch as this tragedy unfolds? Add your name and email address to our group email circulation using (maintained by a resident on the A2) or contact the Parish Council using


You can read this short PDF copy of what has been on the mind of our Councillor, Andrew Bowles.


These can be viewed as PDF downloads using this link. Decisions and services are made on your behalf - shouldn't you find out how you might be affected? They also need more Members - you can take an active part in promoting and protecting your Parish.

Last updated: 23-Jul-2016

Additions and Updates

  1. Threats of A2 Pollution and large housing developments pushing our countryside and its valuable farming further away. Learn more. Keep in touch!
  2. Read the Public Consultation Documents to comment by 8th August 2016 (amended date).
  3. NEW: KCC Bed-time Reading - the Kent Environment Strategy 2016. If you want to understand how our concerns over pollution fit into the county perspective on Health and Wellbeing. KCC are currently exploring implementation strategies. Download PDF Final KES Document (updated July 2016)
  4. SWALE Local Plan Timetable - revised 24th June. Check our Events Page for relevant dates - if Swale updates, so shall we!
  5. Lynsted Festival WeekendLynsted Festival Weekend: 17th & 18th September 2016.

  6. Cherry Day ReportThe Orchard Group hosted their best Cherry Day this year - read Annie Haffenden's Report and her thanks to all concerned. PDF Document.
  7. BREXIT: how did we get here? What should we do next? A fascinating TED lecture, if you are interested - no matter which way you voted.
  8. Lynsted Parish Council agendas and Minutes - decisions are made on your behalf. Make sure you are aware of changes, policies, decisions and services by visiting the Parish Council website regularly.....avoid any surprises.
  9. WATER METERS: How do you know what meter readings mean? What is the "average" consumption in cubic metres? Visit the Consumer Council for Water.
  10. Fibre progressBROADBAND: Core Fibre-optics have been laid along A2. BT, Plusnet and Talk-Talk (perhaps others) are taking orders for fibre connections. The key issue is whether your "green cabinet" has been "fibred" (FTTC - Fibre to the Cabinet).
    PlusNet (perhaps others too) charge a premium above 'normal market rate' for those of us on the Teynham 'marginal Exchange'. So, the 'headline' rates do not apply to us.
    Yet again, being 'rural' is more expensive and we are resigned to degraded services for more money! Give me strength!
    (b) If you live the same distance from the green cabinet as you do from the exchange, don't expect the "advertised speeds" - you will still have a load of old copper wire to corrupt data and slow your speed!
    (c) based on the most appalling and hostile customer support that finally drove an elderly resident to give up on broadband entirely - I would not recommend BT. Plenty of alternatives available.
    - use this link to check your postcode.