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WELCOME was set up in 2005 by a local volunteer to promote the use of the internet to support local voluntary and community interests in this Parish and in neighbouring communities. Since then several groups have embraced the internet and social media to created their own web-presence. We have provided links to those sites to promote those initiatives. Of course, the job is still not yet complete! This site remains an entirely voluntary project.

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CHRISTMAS RECIPES ... some ideas

Looking for inspiration? Have a look at the lists of seasonal Christmas recipes on this site. The 'drop-down' list appears in the righ-hand panel.


These can be viewed as PDF downloads using this link. Decisions and services are made on your behalf - shouldn't you find out how you might be affected?

Regular Updates from Local County Councillor Andrew Bowles

If you want to know what is occupying your local Councillor in November - read his report here (PDF).

Mondays may never be the same again.....

Can you inspire? 1st Teynham Scout Group need a new Beaver Scout Leader before Christmas when Pauline Duncan aka Granny Beaver will retire. Please consider coming forward and join our Adult team, which you will find rewarding.
Currently, the Beavers bring together 6-8 year olds in Teynham and the surrounding area from 1830 to 1945pm on Mondays (some flexibility on timing may be possible). Please read the advert. If you are interested, please do contact Graham Killick at or call 873406

Last updated: 28-Nov-2015

Additions and Updates

  1. Help save Monday evenings!
    1st Teynham Scout Group are in great need of a new Beaver Scout Leader before Christmas. If you think this might be for you and you are able to inspire 6 to 8 year old children, please read the the PDF that describes this wonderful opportunity to inspire children from Teynham and surrounding areas.
  2. Lynsted Parish Council agendas and Minutes - decisions are made on your behalf. Make sure you are aware of changes, policies, decisions and services by visiting the Parish Council website regularly.....avoid any surprises.
  3. Age UK VolunteeringAGE UK are In need of volunteers. Can you help in our area? If you want to know more, read this introduction
  4. Fibre progressBROADBAND: Core Fibre-optics have been laid along A2. Apparently BT, Talk-Talk and Plusnet are taking orders for fibre connections. The key issue is whether your "green cabinet" has been "fibred" (FTTC - Fibre to the Cabinet). So far, it appears the furthest north of Teynham exchange that has been 'fibred' is Teynham/Barrow Green. To the south, it appears that Lynsted village has been fibred!
    PlusNet (perhaps others too) charge a premium above 'normal market rate' for those of us on the Teynham 'marginal Exchange'. Yet again, being 'rural' is more expensive and we are resigned to degraded services for more money! Give me strength!
    (b) If you live the same distance from the green cabinet as you do from the exchange, don't expect the advertised speeds - you still have a load of old copper wire to corrupt your signal!
    - use this link to check your postcode.